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At the moment we hire team of developers to make our wishes come true! Wing's Palette will become friendly and pretty, be capable to keep much more information, it will become just cool. You'll see first signs on bright future very soon - we plan to freeze current site and run new one in Spring 2013. We have to pay about $4500 for this work. If you feel yourself in complete sympathy with Wing's Palette and wish share our expense - please donate!

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$47.5 from Quinn the Eskimo

I hope we will once see a new website :-)

$9.31 from Timon

Wish you success. Two thumbs up!

$18.76 from Dzikouak

My father was in the 126 Squadron RCAF TOS 126 Sqadron Gander Sep 7, 43. Using your Hawker Hurricane Picture, with description credit, and a credit to this site contained in the picture. Excellent. Thank you

$9.26 from Ken Koski

Keep up the good work!

$9.31 from T.I. - Japan

Hope many folowers

$9.31 from Anon

Good bless you :)

$9.26 from Pawel Maksymczak

Keep it up!

$47.75 from Rick Carnrick

Let's keep this great site on the net!!

$9.31 from Dave H.

I wish you success. I thank you for your efforts.

$18.92 from David

Great site, keep up the good work.

$18.92 from Frank - USA

Please don't have the site down too long.

$4.5 from Earl Larson

Another Donation from the AVG, Thanks Guys!-FF

$9.31 from AAAF Club AVG GLaGH!

Still a Way to go, but the AVG will do their part...more as we can afford...;^)

$4.5 from AAAF Club AVG

A Worthy Endeavor. Thank you so much!

$18.92 from FatalFlaw

Go for it! Good luck.

$9.31 from Roman - Slovakia

I rely on your research to complete my projects! Thanks!

$18.92 from No Parachute

Go for it guys..

$18.92 from Augie

Editor, NFFS Free Flight Digest.

$4.5 from Don DeLoach

Can't wait to see it!

$4.48 from Andrew